The Retreat

The Retreat is now available at Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry, and Baker& Taylor Bilo, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.


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If you haven’t read the first in the series you can find it for free at:


The Retreat

Dabney Blythe was trying to be excited about her school’s off-campus retreat coming up that weekend, but it was hard when her team building group included her old enemy, Charlotte. Charlotte had gone out of her way to make Dabney’s life miserable since their first week of school together two years ago, and now it wasn’t only Dabney she liked to pick on, but Dabney’s friends as well. With quizzes, fire drills, and the first riding lessons of the year will they even make it through the week to worry about the retreat?

The Abbot Hall Sweepers #2

The Abbot Hall Sweepers #2

Cambree sat down on the tack trunk an evil grin on her pretty face, “It’s just all part of my master plan.”

“Your master plan?”

“Yup.” Then Cambree slipped into a Southern accent, “Don’t you worry you’re pretty little heart about it. It’ll be just fine.”

Dabney groaned, “This isn’t going to end well.”

“Nonsense,” she said standing up. “You’re going to love it. Come on, let’s grab the brooms and sweep down the aisles.”


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