Parents’ Weekend

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to announce that Parents’ Weekend is now available at all Major Retailers! Go out, buy, and review!


Barnes and Noble


(Are just a few. Also find Parents’ Weekend at Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry, Flikart, and Osyter)

In this third installment of The Abbot Hall Sweepers, Dabney and her friends are facing Parents’ Weekend. With her Uncle Jamie tricking her into thinking he won’t be able to make it, will Dabney be able to survive Charlotte’s sabotage and meeting Rhys’ mother for the first time? Find out as they navigate the events of Parents’ Weekend.

“Why are we putting so much effort into my appearance tonight?” Dabney demanded.

It was Fiona who responded, “Because you’re the only one of us still single, and you obviously really like Rhys, so we’re going to knock his socks off.”

“Shouldn’t we do that Saturday, when we’re getting really dressed up?”

It was Cambree turns to respond and she shook her head as she opened the curling iron and allowed a perfect curl to slip off. “Tonight is just about giving him a taste of what he’ll see on Saturday. You’re going to look amazing tonight, but Saturday you’re going to look phenomenal.”


2 responses to “Parents’ Weekend

  1. I read “Move in Day” and “The Retreat” this morning and then did a quick search to see if book three was out. Now that I know it is i’ll be downloading it on my Kindle. I am really enjoying them, great job!

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