Move In Day

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The Abbot Hall Sweepers #1

The Abbot Hall Sweepers #1

Hi Y’all Move In Day in day is now available at such retailers as Barnes and Noble,  Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry, and Baker and Taylor Blio for FREE! And Amazon price matched! So you can find it there for free too!


“That’s a relief.” Dabney grabbed her shower caddy, “Rhys seems really cool, but he’s Charlotte’s friend, or at least she thinks he is. There’s no way she’ll let me have him.”

Cambree understood where her friend was coming from, “Even if he chooses you?”

Dabney headed towards the door, ready to take her shower, “He barely met me. He hasn’t chosen anyone and until he does I’m going to consider him Charlotte’s.”

“Even if it breaks your heart?”

“Better just a broken heart than one broken and then trampled.”

Dabney Blythe and her best friend, Cambree Cavanaugh, can’t wait to start their Junior year at Abbot Hall. A small college prep boarding school in Southern Virginia. Dabney and Cambree are ‘Sweepers’, a nickname given to the working students of the Abbot Hall Stables by their arch-nemisis, Charlotte Clootz. Follow Dabney and Cambree as they meet up with old friends and new and try to outwit Charlotte in the first week of school in this first short story of the Abbot Hall Sweepers.

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