The Abbot Hall Sweepers

The third in the Abbot Hall Sweepers is out and available for your enjoyment!

Find more information about Parents’ Weekend at Parents’ Weekend.

Hi Y’all! The Abbot Hall Sweepers is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry, and Baker and Taylor Blio.

The Abbot Hall Sweepers #3

The Abbot Hall Sweepers #3

The Abbot Hall Sweepers are not an elite team of horseback riders, they’re not even the school mascot, no they are simply the working students of the elite Abbot Hall Stables. Some of them are competitors, some of them are barn rats, but all of them love horses more than life itself. All of her friends know that Dabney Blythe grew up at the small co-ed boarding school in Southern Virginia, having come to live with her aunt at the age of eight after the death of her parents, but only a few know that she guards a secret, one that could solve all of her problems, and silence her arch-nemesis, Charlotte Clootz, forever, well for the rest of their time at Abbot Hall together at least.

Check out the first story story in The Abbot Hall Sweepers Series called Move In Day, and not only follow Dabney and her best friend as they start their Junior Year, but learn what’s it like to attend boarding school.

You can find the first story for free at Smashwords as well as all other major retailers!

You can currently find Move In Day  for $.99 at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon, as well as all major retailers!

You can find Parents’ Weekend for $.99 at all other major retailers.

The fourth book Halloween is still being written!


Dabney Blythe: Main character, a 15 year old girl who is the niece of the Equestrian Coach at Abbot Hall.

Cambree Cavanaugh: Dabney’s best friend and roommate. From California.

Fiona Blackett: A new student her Junior Year, and a new member of the Abbot Hall Sweepers.

Charlotte Clootz: Dabney’s arch-nemesis. Childhood friend of Rhys. Best friends with Collins.

Rhys Remington: A new student his Junior Year, and on the swim team. Childhood friend of Charlotte Clootz and Cole’s cousin.

Cole Remington: On the swim team. Rhys’ cousin and Cambree’s boyfriend.

Savannah Dabney: Dabney’s Aunt and legal guardian. Equestrian team coach at Abbot Hall. In a relationship with Jamie Blythe.

Jamie Blythe: Dabney’s Uncle and legal guardian. A Navy SEAL. In a relationship with Savannah.

Gina: The other riding instructor. Best friend of Savannah. Used to date Jamie’s best friend.

Lily: A member of Hippos Cheval, the Equestrian club. Best friends with Rachel.

Rachel: A member of Hippos Cheval as well as an Abbot Hall Sweeper. Best friends with Lily.

Abi: President of Hippos Cheval. A year older than Dabney, but still close friends.

Cody: A sophomore on the swim team, friends with Dabney and Cambree.

Jon: A senior on the swim team.

Collins: Charlotte’s best friend.

Garrett: Rhys’ roommate, also a new student and on the swim team.


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