Blog: A Country Girl in Tall Boots

A while back my then boyfriend decided he was going to nickname me Boots, because I’m always wearing a pair of boots. I have a pair of tan leather boots that I absolutely adore, they just seem to go with everything! But these aren’t the only boots I have. I’ve got at least five other pairs, four of which are for my horses. I have been around horses for 17 years now. I was practically raised at the barn, and go out every morning to my horses in the backyard. I grew up on a farm and consider myself a country girl in every way. Yet, despite living where I do In the midst of farmland, surrounded by cowboys, I seem to be a bit of an enigma. I am not a Western rider. I am an English rider, and I don’t wear cowboy boots. I wear tall boots.

For those of you who do not know Tall Boots are the common name for the show boot of the English riding world. I own the best pair of Tall Boots. I’m their third owner and they are so broken in I can roll them into a ball. They might not look the prettiest in the ring, but they’re very comfortable to ride in. They’ve lived a full life, but best of all they have more experience with a horse than I do.

Growing up seeing these boots during lessons and at horse shows has inspired my love of knee high boots. I have two other pair of knee high boots for use with the horses, both of which are work boots. One pair are Hunter rain boots (endorsed by the Queen of England!) and the other is a pair of Sherwood Forest Dalton Country boots, they are beautiful!

I have told you all of this so you can see that to be a country girl you don’t have to wear cowboy boots, you don’t have to show up to everything in a cowboy hat. You can still wear grandmothers pearls and it is time someone reminded the world that a country girl can wear show boots, work boots, or fashion boots, as long as they’re tall boots paired with a classy set of pearls.


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