Hello there,

I want to apologize. It’s been over half a year since I posted on my site, and I apologize, and I want to offer an explanation, because a few changes have been made. First off, I’ve never been a good blogger, but in today’s age to be a writer you also have to be a blogger even though those are two very different things.

My life is taking on a new path. I was teaching four classes in Anthropology at my alma mater and one of our local community colleges. And now I’m starting on the road toward my PhD, and as such I no longer live on the ranch! So from now on my posts will be about my new journey.

But have no fear, the ponies have come with me on this journey, as have Frankie the beagle and Stevie my rescue kitty. And don’t worry I’m still writing! I’m almost done with my first novel, and am still working on the Abbot Hall Sweepers, and Abbot Hall is tying everything together!

Now, as for the Abbot Hall Sweepers. Some of you might have noticed that they currently aren’t available. That’s because after much deliberation with my editor and my support team we decided they needed to come down for some maintenance work.

I want to thank everyone who read them, and promise you that the series isn’t over and will return. It’s just going to take some time.

Thanks for putting up with me and my inconsistencies! Y’all are the best!




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