Helmet Awareness Day

Sometime last month was International Helmet Awareness Day. Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport. I for one have been stepped on, fallen on, dragged, and bucked off, amongst numerous other horse related injuries. I have also known people with numerous broken bones from one incident with a horse.

International Helmet Awareness Day started four years ago in 2010 and was sponsored by Riders4Helmets. It was an instant success, with over 300 retailers and 8 manufactures who agreed to help educate their customers on the benefit of a proper fitting helmet and the general importance of wearing one.

This was the first year I was aware of this event, and I was beyond thrilled to discover it. See in my first year of riding I had a near death experience. I was riding my pony (we owned her, but I didn’t know it) and we had just had a big rain storm. We we’re coming back from a trail ride when a horse got loose. The loose horse ran straight at my pony and spooked her. I remember leaving the saddle and then I remember waking up in the car on the way to the walk in clinic around the corner. I vaguely remember that place, and I vaguely remember the ambulance that took me from there to the hospital.

See when my pony spooked she took off at a dead gallop and I fell off and landed in a puddle. As she galloped away her back hoof stepped on my left temple bone. If it weren’t for my helmet I wouldn’t being tell you this story.

That accident changed me. I was only eight years old, but suddenly I knew what mortality was. I was more cautious, more reserved. Yet, I’m thankful to be alive, and my helmet did that.

So I say more power to Riders4Helmet and I wish that I had known about the organization years ago, because I am one of their biggest advocates!

Erin Fall

This is what I looked like after the fall. Black eye, burst blood vessel in my eye, and sand imbedded in my cheek. This is after the swelling had gone down. I have a picture of the large chunk missing from my helmet, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

If you want to know more about the benefits of wearing a helmet check out Riders4Helmets! Remember helmet hair is a small price to pay to live to wash it out later.


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