Complimentary Mimosas vs. Glacier Bay

A lot has happened this month. I started a new job. I traveled to Alaska. Helmet awareness day happened (something I will address next month). Oh, I went zip lining! It was amazing, but what I wanted to share with you was my visit to glacier bay. My grandfather took the family on a cruise to Alaska, and one of the stops was glacier bay.

I don’t think there is anything I can say about its beauty that hasn’t already been said. I think what struck me the most was the fact that we were viewing such a remote location, with features that are millions of years old, from a luxury cruise line with a couple thousand other people.

When the great explorers, the great poets, first saw this majestic landscape that left such an impression on them that their words have influenced numerous generations, they saw it from boats that probably could have fit in our state rooms, well at least my grandparents suite. Whereas I saw it from the private deck of a place called the Sanctuary, while drinking complimentary mimosas, wearing my complimentary earmuff headband thing, listening to the narration of the park ranger over the intercom, wondering when I’ll get a chance to check out the hot tub on the deck below.

While it’s not hard to appreciate it for its sheer magnificence, it’s hard to get the awe inspiring feeling when you’re not surrounded by the sheer silence of such a remote location. That silence that forces you to face your own thoughts and realize just how unnatural it is for you, a mere primate, to be amongst such grandeur. You miss that moment where everything just clicks into place and for just a moment you breathe a little easier because for just a moment you understand sheer bliss, and yet it’s hard to understand bliss when you can’t find your own thoughts, and your own thoughts are never a concern when complimentary mimosas are involved.

While I can’t describe in a way that would do justice to the words already describing it, I can show you some of the photos I took and let you see it for yourself!

20140716_09320820140716_092645_120140716_110458 20140716_093616 20140716_104254 20140716_104328 20140716_104849


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