RIP: Jake

This month has brought a lot of changes, but the biggest change was losing our old lab Jake. Jake was one of the few dogs we actually adopted, not the other way around. My sister decided that Dad needed a companion as he drove around the mountains, so she dragged my parents, on their anniversary mind you, to the pound and picked out Jake. He was an older puppy, and we were the third family to adopt him.

Jake was what we call a ‘Sooner Dog’ because he would sooner lay around all day than do anything else. With that being said I imagine it might be obvious that he wasn’t too impressed by the idea of the mountains or driving, but overall he was a good dog. He didn’t ask for much, just curled up on his favorite bed and slept all day. Occasionally he would bark at things that needed scaring off and he hated men in baseball caps and he was jealous of little girls, but we all have our little quirks.

When we brought home my beagle, Jake decided he liked chew toys. He’d never shown much interest in them before, but after that he decided they were his favorite thing and he became a toy hoarder. He didn’t play fetch but he would gladly steal every toy he could find and hoard them in his bed.

He wasn’t a dog you could play with, he wasn’t overly affectionate, but he was loyal, like all labs are, and he lived a long and happy life of 12 years. He will be missed.



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