For the Love of Strays: Part III

I told you Louis’s story so I could tell you Stevie’s. We’ve had many strays come and go over the years. Some stayed, finding a new home, and for others we were merely a pit stop. A place to rest and catch a bite to eat before moving along. Like Fleabelle, who you’ve already met (See For the Love of a Stray), Stevie is one of the few who decided to stay.

I don’t know how many stray cats you’ve met, but they’re extremely hard to save. See, the problem is that typically they’re feral and meaner than mean, so even if you do manage to catch one you’ll just be ripped to shreds before you’re forced to let it go unless you want your arms and chest to look like ribbons. Now, you might think you’ll be smart and use a cat trap. Have you ever seen a feral cat caught in a trap? They can hit the side of the cage with so much force, the cage will move two feet to the side. A cat that wild is hard to save.

Stevie was the exception. We have a lot of feral cats out where I live, thanks to a neighbor who hordes cats and does nothing to ensure their survival. We’ve been forced to trap and relocate as best we can the cats that wander onto our property. When we found Stevie in the trap he was clam, you could touch him through the wire, and he never even hissed. He is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met in my life. Problem is he was fixed later in life (when we fixed him) and since he was a tom for so long, he sprays, and since the little guy decided he wants to stay, the poor thing has to wear a diaper anytime he’s in the house. It’s the most adorable thing you’ll ever see.

Louis’s impact on my life will never fade. It will always inspire me to make sure every animal that comes my way has a safe place to live and flourish. Yet, despite my best efforts I couldn’t save Louis, but I could save Stevie. We keep fighting for that very reason. The ones we lose inspire us to keep fighting, but it’s the knowledge that every once in a while we can save one that gives us the hope we need to face the adversity.



Here’s Stevie in his diaper. You’ll notice he looks a lot like Louis. Maybe Louis lives on in Stevie? Or vice versa? Neither one was in fact fixed….something to wonder about, perhaps?


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