For the Love of Strays: Part 1

Today I want to tell you about strays. Nearly all of the animals I have had in my life have either been rescues or strays. Over the past couple of years I continually say that my next animal will come for a shelter. Before Fleabelle (see For the Love of a Stray) showed up I had been saying that my next dog would be from a shelter, but before I could get the opportunity to pick out a dog, Fleabelle picked me first. I’ve been saying something similar about my next cat. Now, I wasn’t looking for another cat, but I always said that when I got another cat I would adopt an adult cat from a shelter, but instead we caught a stray, who is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met, but before I tell you his story, I want to tell you about another stray cat that touched my heart. Below is the beginning of his story, borrowed from an old blog:

 So I have taken another stray under my wing. This time it’s a cat. I’ve been trying to make friends with this stray for almost six months now. When we first noticed him running around the ranch, we thought it was a girl, and so I named her Eloise. However, a few months ago we noticed that she was in fact a he, and the name went from Elosie to Elmo to Elmer to Lewis. Lewis stuck. Each time I see him he lets me get a little bit closer, and sticks around a little bit longer, and instead of running away he would simply get up and walk slowly away. But over the last week I have noticed that Lewis hasn’t been looking so good. He’s getting skinnier, looks weaker, and though I would like to think that it has been my relentless attempts to be befriend him that I’ve been able to get within a foot or so without his running away, I sadly think its because he’s become to weak to care. I’m afraid without a vet trip he’s not going to last much longer, but he won’t let me catch him. I will keep you updated on how he’s doing, maybe I can sneak some antibiotics into his food…we think he got into a fight with another stray.  Either way I wanted to tell you the story of Lewis. The next stray to find his way into this Country Girl’s heart.

Lewis sleeping next to his food instead of eating it!


Lewis’s story doesn’t end here. Stay tuned for the end of Lewis’s story, and then later the beginning of Stevie’s.


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