Good News/Bad News

Hi everyone!

So I have some good news/bad news. The good news is that I just started a new job as a Lecturer at Fresno State teaching in the Anthropology department. It’s such a great opportunity for me and I’m very excited about it! Unfortunately its a LOT of work. I’m writing little mini research papers three times a week! To write the lectures three times a week I have to do the research, write the lecture, and then create the powerpoint. It’s taking an unseemly amount of my time! So this is where the bad news comes in. I don’t have time to write right now! Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not writing at all, it just means that its going to take me a little longer to get my books out! I hope everyone will stay tuned, and continue to follow my blog in the mean time, and I will get the next book out as soon as I get the hang of writing these lectures!

Thanks for following everyone, its because of you guys that I continue to work hard on getting you that next book!





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