Holiday Barn Traditions

Most families have their Holiday Traditions, and barn families are no different. When I was a little girl one of my favorite Holiday Traditions took place at the barn, and that was the Christmas Cookie Decorating Party! Everyone world bring a tray of cookies to trade later, but when we got to our Trainer’s house at the barn there would be pile after pile of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies and bowl after bowl of colored frosting!

We made horses and jumps and riders and candy canes and we piled the frosting on so it was nearly half an inch thick! The cookie was merely the backdrop for the frosting which was really the canvas for the decorating!

Recently I got to participate in this tradition again after years of missing it. I was so giddy I was like a girl in a tack shop! Now the new little girls don’t share my philosophy on layering the frosting, but the cookies came out just as cute as ever!

Traditions are important, especially holiday ones, and this tradition is no exception. This tradition reminds me of my childhood, of a wonderful childhood learning to ride ponies and having a second family at the barn. I was glad to see that even though I have been gone for so long, the family was still there, albeit with a few new members.

20131215_145219Here are the boots I decorated in honor of my Country Girl in Tall Boots Theme!

20131215_152929Here are just some of the cookies decorated. The riders on the horses are just brilliant in their adorableness!



20131215_145224So I decided I better try the simplistic approach to decorating, and though I think this pony turned out very cute, I still think the more frosting the better!

Happy Holidays Everyone!





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