I was on Facebook today perusing as we are all known to do, and in the back of my mind thinking about what kind of post I could do for Thanksgiving when I came across a cartoon that reminded me of my pony.


Would love to give credit, but I don’t know who created this, so all I can say is it’s not mine and thank you to whoever created it!

This picture made me laugh. I felt like this so many times on my pony. She was an absolutely amazing pony, and tested my strength so many times. She was smart, smarter than any other pony or horse I’ve ever met. I’ve seen her put the fear of God in people. She could sense if you we’re afraid and you could see the wheels turn in her head as she tried to decide if she was going to behave or if she was going to take advantage. One time she might walk over a two foot jump (she was only 13.2) and other times she would be racing across the arena, jumping the fence, while I tried to duck under branches.

She was full of personality, she would eat anything, I’ve seen her eat banana peels and and big hunk candy bars and even a hamburger once! But she was picky about water, wouldn’t drink it if she didn’t like the way it tasted, but if you put it in a water bottle and offered it to her that way, then she would drink it!

So after this Thanksgiving and seeing that cartoon I am thankful for that old pony, for the strength and the perseverance she taught me, but mostly for the happy and crazy memories I have of her and with her!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for the Pingback! The cartoon you’ve used is a very famous picture – it’s by noted British artist Norman Thelwell (, whose stuff is absolutely brilliant.

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