Showing in Summer


Jessie, the horse from the poem.

Recently I was helping my mother go through a bunch of my sister’s old things to see what she could pack to take back to her (my parents are driving back to Nebraska to visit her for Thanksgiving). Now, my sister started riding horses at the same time I did and just like me horses managed to sneak their way into many aspects of her life, such as schoolwork. As I was going through some of her old papers I found a few gems. One was this magnificent little poem:

Showing In Summer

In the summer,

I do ride,

upon my horse,

with great pride.

We walk and trot,

and canter too,

with the sky above,

an everlasting blue.

Then its time for a bath,

and my horse does complain,

he tries to leave,

but his attempts are in vain.

Then I hear of an upcoming show,

I wash and scrub for I do know,

That the tack must gleam,

and the horse must glow.

Then out we go into the sun,

we halt, salute,

now we’re done,

three ribbons we have won.

Now the show is over,

it is time to play,

he will buck and run,

and jump all day.

I wish I knew how old she was when she wrote this, but unfortunately there’s no date on it. Either way I thought it was quite a pleasant little poem.


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