Bath Time For The Ponies

The other day was bath day for the ponies. I’ll admit to their being quite dirty. I try to explain to people that our ranch is extremely dusty, but horse people just laugh at me and tell me that they’re all like that, but people don’t seem to understand just how dusty our ranch is. We have no sprinkler system, just a hose and the screw on sprinkler heads, and in the middle of this drought that we’ve been experiencing I hit the ground with water and I quite literally make dust. It does not soak in. So needless to say the horses and everything around us live in a constant state of dustiness. It was time for a bath.


Wash Me!

Surprisingly both of my horses are easy to bathe, and though I got utterly filthy in the process, they did get clean. I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer with this post, but mostly I just wanted to share the photos of my very soggy ponies!






Okay maybe I exaggerated a little. The water soaks in eventually, which just allowed Bounty to stomp in the puddle and dump it down my boots.



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