Let’s Turn Wright-Patt Into a Horse Rescue


See….Lots of Grass.

After a recent visit to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio I have figured out how to not only save the government money, but how to make them money! They can use the wild mustang population that is currently being housed and funded by the US Government to mow the lawn at Wright-Patt! There is acre after acre of open green grass which could be used to house rescue horses. They wouldn’t have to pay for the feed for these horses any more, and the entire base is fenced so they wouldn’t have to worry about the horses getting loose, and if they kept the proper ratio of horse per acre they wouldn’t even have to worry about picking up the manure because it would be scattered by the horses and used to fertilize the grass! Personally, I think it’s brilliant.

More Grass

More Grass

So this is how we’re saving them money. Now lets talk about making them money. Now I know it isn’t exactly common practice to give tours of our military bases (I was with someone who worked on the base) but this base is beautiful. Acres of green grass, small forests, ponds, lakes, old buildings and churches, giant airplanes and even bigger hangers. I swear the hangers for the cargo planes were far more impressive in size than the planes themselves were. There is plenty to see on this base, and if offered the opportunity worth seeing. So I think the Air Force should set up an equestrian program using the Mustangs or other rescued horses that are wards of the government and offer scenic trail ride tours of the base to families of the men and women working there! It’s, brilliant if you ask me! It’d have to be privatized of course since the base isn’t allowed to make a profit, but we could make it work, and the men and women who were in charge of the grass could be moved to taking care of the horses and no one would be out of a job.

And more. As well as the really big hangers.

And more. As well as the really big hangers.

Not only have we saved them money, now we’re making them money! Now if they would only ask my opinion, I could not only help solve some of the budget crisis, but create another much needed horse rescue. It’s a win win really. Let’s start a peition.


A picture of an airplane…sine I was at an Air Force base.


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