The Feats of Cavalries

The other day one of my good friends put up a link to some absolutely awe-inspiring pictures. Awe-inspiring  feats that are far past the border of insane. As a horseback rider, I have done many crazy things on horseback. I have jumped a horse with my eyes closed and with no reins or stirrups. I have ridden the untrained horse looking for the challenge and been bucked off for the effort. I have even ridden my unpredictable pony while standing on her back, but I have never done any of the incredible feats such as the ones in the pictures of the various Cavalry riders that were depicted on the other side of this link, nor would I ever try.

As much as I am amazed at the courage of the men in the pictures for accomplishing what they did, I am even more impressed with the horses, not only for their bravery but for their abilities. I will be the first to defend that horseback riders do more than just sit on the back of a horse, but I will give credit where credit is due, and that is with the horses that were willing to do the things asked of them. What an amazing relationship between horse and rider, one that I will aspire to always.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! This is a photo similar to those that you will see, and this is the tamest of all of the feats!


Picture from

Go check out the rest, you won’t regret it!

21 Cavalry Photos You Have to See to Believe


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