A Green Sundress and Glitter Boots

In honor of my new profile picture I wanted to readdress an old favorite outfit. Last summer I discovered the wonders of doing my chores in a green terrycloth sundress and my black with gold glitter Hunters. Though I have a feeling people would shake their heads at the idea of someone being so girlie that they’re mucking stalls in a sundress instead of sensible jeans or cool shorts, I found it to actually be a very practical choice.

First off the sundress was extremely comfortable and very cool, it’s not restricting like jeans, nor does it capture heat in the same way. If it got wet the terry cloth quickly dried, and if it got dirty it’s only one piece of clothing I have to wash instead of two. And best of all it completely eliminates the farmers tan! (Now a boot tan is a completely different issue.)

The glitter on the boots are merely a personal preference. The rain boot on the other hand might seem a bit odd for summer weather, especially in the middle of a drought! When winter came, they were a perfect choice, but why was I wearing them over the summer? Well they’re waterproof so if they got wet it was no big deal, they keep the dust off my legs, which paddock boots never do, and best of all when they got dirty I could just hose them off and their clean and shiny again!



But my love of that summer outfit had more to do with it then just it’s functionality. Recently I was studying in Scotland and while getting ready to go out for the night I was talking to a friend on skype. Somehow hairspray came up and the fact that I didn’t own any became a source of great teasing for my friend. He told me that because I didn’t have any hairspray I couldn’t possibly be a girl. All girls owned hairspray.  Perhaps his words got to me a little more than I would like to let on…

What is the importance of this story about hairspray? I think its a little bit of vindication. Though at heart I’ll always be a country girl, today and every other day the world will see me as a woman. I might spend my free time with horses, but I can embrace my girlie nature and still be functional.

My choice of chore clothing might be a little unconventional, a little rebellious against those who question my ability to be girlie, but I encourage people to try the unconventional every once in a while. It might just work better for you, and often times we have no logical explanation for why we shouldn’t try it. So shake things up a bit and find your own glitter boots and green sundresses! I for one will thank that friend for pushing me outside my box and finding something that worked better for me than the traditional.


2 responses to “A Green Sundress and Glitter Boots

  1. Love this post and that you wore your Hunter boots while doing chores! Fashion is all about expressing yourself. Thanks also for the pingback!

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