The Edge of the World

The edge of the world is a phenomenon that was long ago proven to be non-existent. Yet it’s still a phrase that is commonly used to express a place that is far away from one’s home. For me being from California and going to a boarding school in Virginia was an adjustment, but for my horse it was an adventure of a lifetime. He was headed for the edge of the world.

When Bounty first got off the horse trailer he acted like any other horse would. Head in the air, ears alert, checking his surroundings for signs of danger, but it wasn’t long before this behavior started to change and soon he had his muzzle to the ground like a hound on the hunt. My best friend and I joked that Bounty had told his friends back home that he would find the edge of the world and he was determined to do it. 

Now this horse has always had a tripping problem, and after lessons we would cool down in a grassy area that had a large tree in the middle that we referred to as the courtyard. During this time he would often trip, nearly going down on his knees, and in addition he still walked around with his nose to the ground, the ever persistent hound horse. This went on for over a year and we continued to joke that he was still searching for the edge of the world. 

It remained a joke until one day he actually found it. It was in that same courtyard we cooled down in, and I remember the moment clearly. That large tree was to my left and I had given him the reins so he could stretch his neck. One moment we were walking and the next he was on his knees bowing. He stayed in that position for minutes, a stillness to his body I had never seen before. Then, as if nothing had happened he was on his feet again and we were walking. I remember jumping off of him, quickly untacking, and racing into the office to declare that he had finally found it!

Perhaps in reality he had simply tripped and needed a moment to get back on his feet. Perhaps his nose was always to the ground because he was looking for grass, but when headed for the edge of the world perhaps it’s more important to turn life into an adventure where the stories bring you not only humor, but comfort. Personally, I believe the story, for I’ll tell you one thing… After that day he never acted the tracking hound again.

When I start my adventures to find the edge of the world the journeys all start with a different road, but for Bounty this was the road that started the adventure of his life.


Bounty and I about 20 feet from the Edge of the World!

 (A quick disclaimer: for those of you who have been following me for a while, I know you will recognize this post. Now that I am at a new location I will occasionally add these old post in, as I believe they deserve a chance to be seen, among the new ones. Hope you still enjoy!)

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